Ron Jeremy: My Life as a Porn Star

If gold medals were handed out for making porn movies, Ron Jeremy would be the all-time champion. He has made close to 2,000 of them, including On the Loose: Viva Ron Vegas and San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon, as well as about 100 mainstream movies, such as The Boondock Saints with Willem Dafoe. He tells the story of his XXX-rated career in a steamy new book, The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz: Horny Women, Hollywood Nights & The Rise of the Hedgehog!(Harper). And yes, it’s illustrated. TIME senior reporter Andrea Sachs spoke with Jeremy from his Hollywood home.

TIME: How did you get your start in the porn industry?
Ron Jeremy: Like many Jewish boys, I was working up in the Catskills, as a waiter and the maitre d’ at the Paramount Hotel. I was doing theater, and it was a very difficult situation, especially in New York, where you couldn’t be an extra unless you were part of the Screen Actors Guild. I was making no money. We agreed — my girlfriend Alice and I — to take some pictures in the deluxe wing of the Paramount. We knew women could do Playboy and that might lead to a career in theater, film. I thought I would try it out and at least get some kind of exposure, pardon the pun. So my girlfriend took the photographs and sent them to Playgirl. I thought maybe they would agree to bring me to L.A. for a layout, and while I’m in L.A. I’ll try to get some work in Hollywood. Then Playgirl called and they said we have good news and bad news. The bad news is they weren’t going to fly me anywhere. The good news is that they were going to use the pictures we had taken.

How did the public respond to the photos? 
I had used my real name: Ron Hyatt, from Queens, New York; likes to go hang gliding and sailing when he gets the chance, and working on his master’s degree in special education. A lot of people looked up R. Hyatt in Queens, New York, but they were getting my grandmother, Rose Hyatt, who lived downstairs. My poor grandmother was being woken up night and day, mostly by guys. Playgirl likes to think that their audience is mostly women, but no, no, the majority is gay. My poor grandma had to move. Then my dad sat me down and said, “I don’t know what cockamamie business you are getting into. You want to do something, fine, you’re an adult, but don’t you ever use the family name again.” So I used my middle name, which is Jeremy.

What was your path to the porn industry? 
I quit teaching because I was making no money. After Playgirl I went to see a filmmaker I knew. Joe said he only did adult movies, so I said that’s kind of sleazy. Then I did theater for a few months and starved. So I went back to Joe and thought, it’s not so bad. I asked my family what they thought and they said, [we] aren’t crazy about the idea but if you really want to do this go ahead, if you think it may be a shortcut to the mainstream. So Joe put me in my first adult film, Tigresses and Other Man-eaters. I spent an hour in makeup and they never once saw my face.

Were you embarrassed during the filming? 
Yes, a little. There were some professionals there who had done it for a while. I wasn’t getting the liftoff as quickly as they did. It was embarrassing. It’s funny because now, years later when I am not taking Viagra and the other guy does, I am still slow to the punch. I am the slow man on the totem pole. It was embarrassing because I was not used to being nude and having sex in a room full of people.

Were your friends shocked that you were doing this? 
The funniest dialogue came from the Catskills, where I had been working as a waiter for so many years of my life. They had this thing called “Bungalow Bunnies,” where the women would stay up in the Catskills and their husbands would leave to work. They didn’t really care if their wives were messing around because they were doing the same thing with their secretaries back in Manhattan. We were up in the Catskills, and I had a very good sex life, to the point where when I was once late to dinner and told the maitre d’ I was with a girl. He said, and I remember his exact words, “Anybody else I would forgive but with you it’s like brushing your teeth. You’re late; you’re being docked pay.” So when they heard, Ron’s doing porn, they said, “That’s not a big shock, is it?”

What did you enjoy about making these movies? 
This might sound corny or cheesy, but I just loved acting, doing dialogue. All my friends were still doing theater off-off-Broadway and I was doing film. Yes it’s porn, but it still goes into theaters. They still had acting back then. They had big scripts. There were no videos back then, no DVDs, no Internet. I came at a time they called the Golden ’80s.

Did you enjoy the sex or did it become tedious? 
I did to an extent. The acting I always loved because it’s taking on a role, but the sex was 50-50. There is always a little nervousness that you are going to be naked in front of a room full of guys and a couple of makeup artists. You did some dialogue and then they would say, “OK, Ronnie, let’s go.” It was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but once your body and your mind told you you’ve done it before, you can do it again. It became kind of fun.

What kind of people were in the industry?
In the ’70s it was a hippie-dippie-sexual-revolution-Woodstock kind of gig. Flower children in many ways. Pot smokers, though once in a while you would see cocaine or a pill. Most of them had been to college. Some have come from broken homes, some from abusive homes. What I tell kids when I lecture in colleges is that porn is largely a microcosm of Hollywood itself. There were kids who wanted to do something goofy and crazy. Some were actors who wanted to go for an acting career, like me, and settled for this because acting was just a murderously difficult thing to get into. It’s thousands of people chasing so few jobs, with everyone driving a taxi, working as a waiter.

Did you get rich doing it? 
I did well, not so much through porn but because of the marketing that came from porn: the rolling papers, the penis pills — which I’m on a lot of infomercials for — the skateboards and the T-shirts made me fairly wealthy. Also the reality shows, which came because of porn both here and in Europe. I go to topless clubs and nude clubs, crack jokes and do a burlesque act while the girls are stripping. I make jokes and then we do autographs, meet and greets, like the ambassador of good will. That has added real good money to the bank account.

Have you been able to have romantic relationships while living this life? 
It’s very, very difficult. If you look at statistics, the majority of marriages around the world don’t work, which is very sad because they can work. Now let’s go to porn. Very rarely do they ever last a long time. There are a few I’m proud of that are going strong, but it’s so difficult because you have to have the alternative lifestyle attitude. I don’t know if we were meant to be totally monogamous. Early cultures weren’t; Greek, Romans, some Asian societies today, but it’s the Judeo-Christian attitude that came along that made us feel guilty of straying. You could love your wife to pieces and it’s only your genitals that are doing the traveling, but it’s a hard thing to understand. You can be emotionally monogamous and physically not monogamous. I think Viagra is one of the greatest gifts to monogamy. You may not need it to be with the blonde down the street or get a lap dance, but to be with your wife of 20 years or your wife who’s 50, you may need Viagra.

Are you still doing any porn? 
I just did one a few days ago, a benefit for a great New York director who has serious colon cancer. We all did a free porn film. I did a sex thing with a sweet girl named Candy, she’s actually here because we did a scene and she is staying over. (Giggling in the background.) I am also doing a horror film in Arizona called Blood Moon Rising.

Is it still fun? 

I would never admit this, and my dad warned me of this, but the libido does lose a little as you get older. Nature is cruel! As you get older, as you get into your 50s, it is more effort to get into liftoff. I’m 55, and it’s a bit of a strain, but it’s not to the point where it’s a chore because then I just wouldn’t do it. I don’t have to do porn anymore for economic reasons. However, I like to stay current. I don’t want to be an ex-porn star.

Rachel Swimmer [Tasha Reign] Interview


A gender studies degree from UCLA, 4 years experience in the adult industry and her own production company on her resume, Tasha Reign has big plans for the future of porn.

Born Rachel Swimmer and raised in Laguna Beach, California, the 25-year-old adult actress hopes to normalize the industry as a medium of entertainment and to show how much porn stars have in common with the average person.

Why Tasha Reign?
I picked the name Tasha Reign because I used to strip at a club called Silver Reign in Santa Monica. I took the name from there because I thought it was powerful and sexy. I just brainstormed the name Tasha, actually, with my girlfriends from home and with my mom. We just thought that sounded really good together.

Her work schedule
I actually don’t shoot that often. This month I’ve probably shot a couple times a week or maybe once a week, or danced once a week. I do work from home. I have a production company that I have to make phone calls for, and do all that kind of stuff with, but in terms of actually being in a movie or in a shoot, or dancing, it’s really just a few times a week at the most.
I mean, at the beginning of my career, it was a definitely a lot more than that. I did a lot of work in the beginning and now the work that I do is more selective, so I just kind of decide whether or not it’s something worth shooting, if it financially makes sense, if I want to work for that company… also the industry’s shifted. I’ve been in it for four years or so and it’s definitely shifted. Piracy and a lot of different things contribute to slowing down business. I think work is a lot more limited, so I’m lucky that I still get to work.

How to prep for a porn scene
I have to be careful of the way I look, and work out, and tan and hair and nails and all of that type of stuff. For an anal scene, I definitely have to prepare myself physically and mentally for the next day because I don’t do anal very much. There are many different things that I have to do looks-wise. If it’s just a girl-girl scene, I don’t really have to do much, other than just make sure I have a clean test, and show up on time and bring whatever they want me to bring. It’s a lot more complicated when it’s for my own company, which I do appreciate and like, but at the same time, it’s a lot easier to just show up and give a good performance, because that’s what I love doing!

How long does a scene take to shoot?
It depends. If it’s just one internet scene, it could only take one day. You get there at 8 am for hair and make up. You’re probably out of the chair by 10:30, and then you need to get in something called “pretty girls,” which are just photos of yourself alone, then from 11:30 to 12, you’ll have something called sex stills with the other performer, then you’ll have a lunch break and then from there, you might shoot dialogue and an intro scene for a few more hours, then by the time you’ve shot an hour of hard-core and then another hour of soft-core, you could be out by really late at night.
So it could be an all day thing. If it’s a movie, that will start early in the morning and go into the evening, like we’ll have shoots at 3 in the morning, and then come back to set at 10 in the morning, so it’s crazy, we work really hard for several days to shoot a movie.

On ‘Pretty Girls’
It starts with the outfit that you’re going to wear in the scene, then lingerie underneath it, and then down to nude. We call those “pretty girls.”

On Storylines, Stills and ‘Pop Shots’
They’re the actual sex that you’re going to be having, the five or six positions that you’re going to be doing with your scene partner in the same location. We do something called “storyline,” which is pictures of what’s going on in the scene in the intro, and then during, and then after. The intro could be dialogue or anything—if you’re talking to someone, or walking into a room, or sitting down on a couch, or dancing at a party, whatever the scene is. Then the sex stills come after that, which could be blowjob, doggie, cowgirl, whatever ones that your director chooses. And then “pop shot” pictures, of when the guy will cum.

Her first anal scene
I have a couple scenes that I really love from my own site and movies. One with Peter North was my first anal scene. I think that’s a really cool scene. I love a movie I shot called Pony Tails, and that was released in February. All the scenes in there are really great, I’m really proud of it, and it’s really different from any other movie I’ve ever shot. I’ve done double penetration for a movie called “Streaker Girls” which is a movie I also made for Reign Productions [her production company]. I just think a lot of the firsts are always fun. Sometimes it’s an actual first on camera, or just a first in adult and it’s really special.

So double penetration?
It’s actually my favorite. I’ve only really done it once because it’s something that you don’t really do. People always say to do things at home before you do them on camera, but unless you have a crazy sex life at home, it’d be hard to calculate that one. I’m sure I could get some performers to come over, but I never did, and did it for the first time on camera, and it was so much fun. It’s my favorite thing to do.

Douching Etiquette
I definitely douche before every scene. I think it isn’t good if you do it all the time, because it might not be healthy if you’re doing it 24/7, but it’s important for you to feel comfortable and for you to make sure your scene partner feels comfortable and you want to make you smell good and taste good and all of the things that go into having sex.

How to brainstorm for porn plots
The most important thing is to be in touch with your own sexuality, and think, “okay, is this something that would excite other people? Sometimes I don’t even think about other people. I just think about what would make me happy. What’s my fantasy? A huge part of it is what would turn me on, but another part is also what I like to look at. It depends on the mood I’m in. I like to have creative scenarios and things that are different and unique.
My latest film, “Daddy’s Little Groupie” was really cute. It’s about these rock stars in LA, and my dad in the movie works for one of them and brings me up to their house, and I hook up with one of the rock guys, and I hook up with another girl who’s a rock star, and then there’s some wife-swapping in there, and it was pretty different and dirty. I like to do things on the edge.

Do you identify with the feminist porn movement?
Sometimes I don’t like to identify with feminism, because I think that people are so critical, but lately, especially after graduation, I kind of feel like I shouldn’t let anybody else take that away from me, and I definitely feel like [performing in pornography] is something that I’m proud of.
I empower myself when I have sex because I want to do it. It’s my conscious choice. I just really want to normalize sexuality and pornography as a medium for entertainment. So a lot of feminist ideals go into my work, whether it’s just making sure that I enjoy what I do or that I send a positive message out when I’m doing a scene, and that doesn’t mean the scene has to be a gentle nice scene, it just means that I wanted to be there, and I chose to be there and I enjoyed myself.
I feel like I stay true to myself and I do what makes me happy.

Her profession is not a secret
My family and friends definitely know what I do because I’ve been in this business for four years and I’m very outspoken about it. I write for all sort of outlets, from Al Jazeera to OC Weekly. That’s part of me being a feminist. I try not to hide it. I want everyone to know that I’m proud of what I do and try to make it something that it is a norm for other people too.


On the Duke porn star: ‘People wanted to sensationalize something that really wasn’t very sensational at all’
What happened was that she was verbally harassed. Her classmates made her feel uncomfortable about her career and I don’t think she fully understood the repercussions of being an adult actress in society, especially at such a privileged institution like Duke. Unfortunately, she got a lot of media attention, and she wasn’t prepared for that. All of my coworkers have faced discrimination and a lot of [adult actors] go to colleges. A lot of people can’t tell their families and friends because of judgment. Duke as an institution is so privileged and so elite, so it’s really more of a socioeconomic issue.

People wanted to sensationalize something that really wasn’t very sensational at all. She and I have actually spoken a lot and she’s awesome. I think that she just wasn’t ready for that type of exposure and also people didn’t treat her the way she should have been treated. But I think she helps to bring about a really valuable discussion. Everybody talks about this, whether it’s negative or positive, people have been talking about it and reaching out and bringing awareness to a minority group, which is the adult industry, and going “Oh, so we can’t treat these people like they’re this other thing that doesn’t deserve rights.”

I think in a way, we produce certain stereotypes that perpetuated negative things and ideas about porn stars, but at the same time, I think it’s also diverted the typical idea of what an adult actress in 2014 is.

Interview for 7deadly Magazine – 2014

Sex Position – The Nirvana


The Nirvana

The Nirvana sex position is a classic. When trying the Nirvana sex position, she lies on her back, stretches her legs out and holds onto the bedposts above her head. She keeps her legs together as he enters her with his thighs outside hers.

They move together and the pressure of her thighs intensifies the penetration effect and provides for a natural stimulation of the clitoris.

Kinky Fantasies that are really OK!

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I lie in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about the flat my boyfriend and I are going to move into. In the fantasy it’s got wooden floors, duck egg blue walls, a huge squashy leather sofa covered in a patchwork quilt, and it’s filled with Diptique candles and Emma Bridgewater mugs. It’s not a fantasy that I’m particularly proud of, but it’s not one that inspires shame either.

Some of my sexual fantasies, however, I’ve tied myself up in knots over, because they’re just so inconsistent with the person who I want to be.


We know that we’re strong independent women. We’re allowed to have as much or as little sex as we want, and we’re allowed to decide what position, who with and where. At yet somehow, we can still end up feeling guilty about sex, especially our sexual fantasies.

Fantasies don’t conform to the same standards that our political views do. We’re not obliged to make them conform to the behaviours that we’d expect in reality, and that’s why it’s okay to have fantasies about things that in real life would be horrific, or awkward or just plain impossible.

1. The Rape Fantasy


    “It’s often reported that rape is the most common female sexual fantasy. And I’m someone who does get turned on my thinking about a guy forcing me to have sex. It can be really hard to admit – I feel really bad about it.”

    – Emily, 23, London

    Why it’s okay: The salient thing here is that women aren’t fantasising about the reality of rape. They’re not fantasising about having their lives destroyed, their identity taken from them. Real rape is never acceptable. But what women fantasise about if different. Rape fantasies are about the removal of power, about feeling like a victim, feeling unable to resist. They’re also about being the object of desire. Bodice ripping men with rippling muscles, men who bend you over a four poster and force themselves upon innocents: they’re not real. But they can be sexy. There’s no violation of consent in fantasy.

    2. Being Slapped


“I know people are into spanking, and that’s not a big deal. But I like it when my boyfriend slaps me across the face, during sex. It makes me feel really submissive and it really turns me on. I like the control aspect, as well as the fact that it’s kind of humiliating.Plus it hurts, but not too much.”

– Lily, 29, London

Why it’s okay: There is a huge difference between your partner slapping you because you’re being annoying, and slapping you in a fully consensual way because you like the way it hurts.As long as you’re both agreed on the boundaries, then there’s no reason not to experiment with it. Just make sure you don’t turn your head as he goes to slap you, because you run the risk of getting a slap to the ear.

3. Age Play


    “It started with messing around, having sex in my old school uniform. And my boyfriend and I really got off on it. And then we started doing it a bit more. And my school girl alter ego got a bit of a character. I really enjoyed pretending to be naive and innocent, acting shocked when my boyfriend “teacher” touched me or spanked me. I feel weird about it. But it’s not that I’m pretending to be a child, but I’m taking aspects of childishness as part of a . But I still wouldn’t tell my friends in case they judged me.”

    -Kate, 27, Edinburgh.

    Why it’s okay: Because you’re not really a child. And knee socks look hot on adult women. It’s okay to use aspects of feeling innocent to make your sex life feel new all over again. Playing at being younger than you are is not the same as wanting to have sex with someone who is much younger.

    4. The Virgin Fantasy


“There’s something about the idea of being a virgin and losing it to a guy I really, really fancy that really turns me on. I think it’s because the reality of losing your virginity is often awkward, embarrassing and not particularly sexy. The idea of taking those uncomfortable teenage years and turning them into something which is empowering excites me. I often fantasise about losing my virginity to the guy I’m currently dating, and I imagine it happening somewhere quiet and serene, like an Orchard, or on a summer’s day at a picnic, rather than in my parents’ house age 17, in the bathroom, before they get home from work”

– Sarah, 27, London

Why it’s OK: Sometimes re-writing history is the easiest way to come to terms with something, and the virgin fantasy is invariably linked in changing our attitude to sex as you grow up. Sex when you are young is confusing and often unsatisfying; the idea of revisiting a sub-par sexual experience as a young adult is definitely sexy, and should be celebrated. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner of these fantasies; the best way to improve your sex life is always through communication – and, hey, he might like it too. Cue the sexy school girl outfit.

5. The Begging Fantasy


    “This sounds strange, but I love the idea of having to beg for sex. So often it’s the guy that is desperate for sex – but imagining what it would be like to be turned on so much that I’m literally gagging for a guy inside me. In this fantasy the guy goes down on me and won’t let me come – it isn’t til I’m literally on the edge and begging for sex that he goes inside me – slowly and steadily, and increases until I’m on the brink over and over. When I finally come there’s the ultimate release – both of being allowed penetration, and how close I’ve come again and again. It’s really hot”

    – Laura, 24, Birmingham

    Why it’s OK: Our relationship to sex is often linked in stress; sometimes we want sex more when we’re stressed, and often we don’t want it at all. One of the best ways to release tension through sex is by letting someone else take control – and allowing a guy to dominate doesn’t make you easy, less of a feminist or a push over. Letting someone control you, sometimes, is its own form of rebellion – so if you want to be control, we’re not judging you. If you want to control of your man, that’s totally cool too.

    Originally posted by AFT Magazine

Sexmas Parties: 39% of workers have sex at the annual event

The festive season may be a time for good will and sharing – but it’s also apparently the perfect excuse to hook-up with the cute person from accounts, according to a survey which has revealed that 39 per cent of people have had sex at their work Christmas party.

Even more people admitted that the annual knees-up offered the chance to kiss a co-worker, with over locking lips at the event.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults by Ann Summers revealed that IT and HR are the professions most likely to snog or have sex with a colleague or get incredibly drunk at the Christmas party, at 63 per cent and 56 per cent respectively.

This was compared with 27 per cent of those in education and 29 per cent in health.

The survey also pinpointed the locations where employees were most likely to hook up – with a quarter opting for the romantic setting which is the car-park and over a fifth the board room.

A further 18 per cent of people were filled with lust in the storage cupboard.

Apparently not concerned with having flashbacks of regret replaying in their minds all year, a brave 15 per cent had sex on their own desk.

Meanwhile, one in 10 had sex in the office canteen, while 8 per cent let go on the green felt of the office pool table.

And with 65 per cent of senior managers claiming to have sex compared with 28 per cent of directors and 26 per cent of junior staff members, it seems that a good example isn’t being set from the top.

The professions most likely snog, have sex or get incredibly drunk at the Christmas party

1. IT (76%)

2. Legal (74%)

3. HR (72%)

4. Transport and logistics (72%)

5. Finance (71%)

6. Media and marketing (68%)

7. Sales (67%)

8. Business administration (57%)

9. Health (52%)

10. Education (45%)


Article originally published in the Independent 1/12/15